Mykolaiv Center for Sociological Research

Consultations on vocational guidance

In the book by N. O. Evdokymova, L. A. Opanasenko and N. B. Ivantsova, “The Psychological Basis of Professional Counseling” (Mykolaiv, 2015) professional consultation is defined as “interaction, cooperation between the client and the counselor who together consider the problems of planning the client’s professional activity and seek to find ways to solve it. The purpose of professional counseling is the desire to have the client learn to understand himself, his or her condition, to critically evaluate his professional abilities, to deliberately use ways of self-development and to make a positive impact on his life situation” (p. 55). Consultation on vocational guidance is conducted using a variety of methods, among which the aforementioned authors distinguish:

Over the years, employees of the Educational, Scientific and Production Laboratory «Mykolaiv Center for Sociological Research» of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University have gained considerable experience in conducting consultations on vocational guidance. In particular, the center’s staff carries out professional consultations for various categories of clients, namely:

The ESPL “Mykolaiv Center for Sociological Research” of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University offers enterprises, organizations, other interested persons from the city of Mykolaiv and other cities of Ukraine to conduct consultations on vocational guidance on the contracting basis.